Strolling Around The Lake, Walk Report, The Dragon Within DIY 5K, September 2020

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The Dragon Within DIY 5k
Friday, September 4, 2020
Aldridge Gardens
Time – 1:17
Pace – 24:56
No placing
Tracking App – Map My Walk
Medal from Virtual Strides: The Dragon Within

My 5K for September. Chosen in honor of Dragon*Con, the Largest Multi-genre and Pop Culture Convention, held virtually that weekend.

This was a do-your-own-thing walk. Order medal. Bestow upon self. I’ve decided I prefer my walks to have a connection to the real world, however tenuous that connection may be. Virtual Tevis traces our progress on the route map. Virtual Gaelic Gallop had us all run/walk on the same day and submit results. Some illusion of IRL. YMMV

On to the walk.

Starting off …

… five times around the lake …

… a few side paths …

… and I’m done.

My pace picked up after the first lap. Note to self. Walk first. Photos after.

The Snowflake Hydrangea, a VIP at the gardens. “Eddie Aldridge and his father, Loren, introduced the Snowflake Hydrangea to the world in the 1970s, after they began propagation and patented it.” Deb’s Garden: Little-Known History of the Snowflake Hydrangea. At least, I think it’s the Snowflake Hydrangea.

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