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Blogging About Blogging

Awareness of the outside world. For your amusement, Kitty Letterer.
tldr: Content shift. Monday to Thursday – on brand. Friday – fitness. Saturday & Sunday – whatever random sh*t I want. Literally. That’s what I write on my calendar.

What Was
Old schedule from About page

Monday – Mood On Monday (current events), maybe
Tuesday – Competition reports, when there are any
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Rodney & Milton
Thursday – Fitness
Friday – Photography, maybe, or horsekeeping if I have been too much about riding and not enough about appreciating having them around to enjoy.
Saturday – Words
Sunday – Images

Section updated December 19, 2020.

A while back, I started posting on specific topics on specific days, mainly to make sure that important topics, i.e. my own horses, didn’t get over looked. [Whither Now? Saddle Seat Version]

I often took saddleseat lessons on Wednesday. So that became my ASB day. Thursday was for driving. Only driving didn’t always happen. So I used Thursdays for fitness activities. It was vaguely related since one needs to be fit to ride well. [We Say Goodbye to Driving Posts, For Now, Challenge, Do Something You Are Bad At]

Then there was the will I/won’t I about weekends. I decided that weekends would be about things that amuse me, in the hope that some of them will amuse you as well. Even so, I tried to keep the content horse related, or at least horse adjacent. [Weekends Off and Weekends Not Off]

Now, I’m not even doing that.

What Is
New schedule on About page

Monday to Thursday – Horses
Friday – Fitness
Saturday – Words
Sunday – Images

Section updated February 26, 2021.

I had to face it, photography was not happening. So, I dropped photos from Friday and replaced it with fitness, currently my walking in parks greenspace adventure. I still consider that horse-adjacent, see above rationale. Call it 50% on topic.

That divided the week neatly into two sections.

Weekends have been completely cut loose. I will make not even the slightest attempt to stay anywhere even vaguely related to the purpose of this blog. Whatever frosts my cupcake. Verbal example, current events commentary, formerly Mood on Monday, has moved to Saturdays [Intruder Alert! The Vaccine Trials Volunteer Returns, Guest Post]. Visual example, [#hourlycomicday].

In return for giving myself permission to mentally splurge on the weekends, I will make an extra effort to keep the first four days of the week on topic. Rodney and Milton. A personal journal with a performative bend. To balance recounting my story with entertaining you. [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging]

Therefore, if you want horses, tune in Monday through Thursday. If you enjoy random variety, stayed tuned for the rest of the week.

And that is this month’s insight into how the sausage is made. [State of the Blog Archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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