We Say Goodbye to Driving Posts, For Now

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Driving On The Blog
I have one more driving post coming shortly. After that, I will be retiring Driving Thursday for a while. Neither us been in a cart since September [Husband Greg, Katherine]. Milton hasn’t been hitched since June. None of us has done serious schooling since our last non-compete adventure [Notes from North Georgia, Milton]. I’ve spread the driving peanut butter as thinly as I could over the blogging bread, hoping for a resurgence. Didn’t happen. I’m out of news.

Maybe Jumping Thursday?

Driving IRL
We are not giving up.

Our Equipment Manager is searching a way to fix our two-wheel schooling cart or to get an inexpensive one with competition-compatible features (i.e. non-pneumatic, non-wire wheels). He has found several used carts that he likes. All in the UK. ‘Pick up in Sheffield’ does us no good.

Meanwhile, he has been long-lining both horses. This is good exercise for them and keeps his hand in.

All of the riding and showing I have done this year will contribute to making Milton a better driving horse. He needs to learn to go to shows. He needs to learn to tolerate the sandbox. Even jumping and cross-country – should we ever get there – will introduce concepts applicable to cones and marathon.

I shall continue ASB pleasure driving as Coach Courtney and the nicely tolerant horses at Stepping Stone Farm permit.

[Ready For Our Close Up]

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Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “We Say Goodbye to Driving Posts, For Now

  1. Sounds like a plan. Plans are good.
    However, there is a saying “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”
    We’ll see.
    Best wishes for good luck!

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