Notes from North Georgia, Milton

Home Team, Combined Driving
Please note how I have carefully arranged myself so that I can still see out.

Another trip on the rattly box. Another home away from home. (Gainesville GA, ed.)

Trailers is scary. Not mine. Mine is fine. Other trailers, with other horses on them.

Motorcycles is scary. Don’t like loud vroomy noises.

Other horses is scary. Sometimes. Other times, I look at them and laugh. Why use all that extra energy?

I don’t like using extra energy. Except when I need to use extra energy. Then, I have a LOT.

I like to leap away from scary things. But not too far. If I did, I’d be all on my alonesome.

I’m an old hand at bridling and hitching now.

I walked EVERYWHERE and looked at EVERYTHING. Different arenas, barns full of other horses to talk to, even walking down a big – a huge – hill, and trotting in the open.

A bucket of treats. Five pounds of carrots. Constant hay. Home away from home is not without perks.

I need to talk with the brown horse about sharing the load. (Good luck with that. Many others have had the same conversation with the brown horse over the years, ed.)

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Katherine Walcott

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