Wires In The Sky, NYC


Awareness of the outside world. CAM The Covid Art Museum
I miss travel.

Doyer Street at Chatham Square
Taken in 2019
I found this fascinating.

Houston & Broadway, if memory serves.
Taken in 2019

Atlas Obscura: The Wire That Transforms Much of Manhattan Into One Big, Symbolic Home, The eruv, a nearly invisible holy boundary, must be intact every Friday, by Inscoe, 2017

“In 2011 a wire broke near the United Nations building, which caused a problem when repair crews couldn’t get past security to fix it.” Mental Floss: There’s a Wire Above Manhattan That You’ve Probably Never Noticed, by Serafino, 2017

NPR: A Fishing Line Encircles Manhattan, Protecting Sanctity Of Sabbath, by Laborde, 2019. With audio.

Manhattan Eruv – The Jewish Center

Or not.

During my trip, I used a map that looked something like this. Screenshot from Mental Floss article above.

As I finished drafting this post, I checked the Jewish Center map. It appears to include all of lower Manhattan, dated before my trip. Who knows what I took pictures of on Houston. This would also explain why I couldn’t find it in another location from the first map. Still cool.

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