The Feed Quest Becomes an Exercise in Perception


Lucky enough to have a horse

Awareness of the outside world. As of today, the house will be 50% fully vaccinated. I wait semi-patiently for mine.
Remember when I was so happy that the feed store had Milton’s feed? [Hey, Isn’t This A Horse Blog?]

Yeah, well.

The next time I went, there were out again.

They said they’d have it in a few days. BUT last time this happened, they were out for three weeks. That was the first iteration of the great feed bag quest. “Ended up hunting down the last bag of Starch Wise in four counties. Farthest I’ve been from the house in months.”
[The Beginning]

Nope. Although we still had plenty feed, am not getting drawn into that again. Solve the problem today. Found feed. The other local store was out. I had to go aaaaaaaall the way to the out of town store.

The issue here? The two stores are functionally the same distance from the house.

Store H is 25 miles away, a few ex-urbs over. There are lights and turns and traffic. Estimated drive time is 41 minutes. Because it is in the Birmingham area, it is still “in town” and therefore close.

Store T is 31 miles away, straight out into the countryside. Very little stands between me and said store. Estimated drive time is 39 minutes. The majority of the drive is on a straight, empty, two-lane country road with nothing but trees for company, which drops me into distance driving mode, which makes me think of the other end as far away.

To recap.
Store H – 25 miles, 41 minutes. Close.
Store T – 31 miles. 39 minutes. Far.

Perception is weird.

BTW, store C, referenced above, is 80 miles away. That can legitimately be considered a long way to go for a bag of feed, particularly when one gets a wild hair and decides to come home via the back roads instead of the highway.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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