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Didn’t I say I was going to take weekends off? [State Of The Blog: Weekends Completely Off]

You are not wrong.

I said that.

I meant it.

I discovered …

1) The idea of breaking my streak bothered me even more than I thought it would.

2) I should have looked at a calendar. Don’t make major decisions at the tail end of my least favorite month. September is here! Kermit Dance!!

3) What’s wrong with filler?

New plan is to post things that amuse me. I hope some of them will amuse you as well.

Saturdays will be all about text. Words. Books. Thoughts. Blogs. Lists. State of the Blog, once a month – that’s enough meta-level navel-gazing. Fiction, if any strolls by. Essays. Neologisms. Writing Career.

Sundays will be all about visuals. Logos. Graphics. Postcards. Stamps. Cachets. Inktober. Jewelry. Signs. Art. Video Games. Maps. Fabric Design. LEGO builds. Witenry. Figure running/GPS art. Letters. Coloring. Comics. Cartoons.

That’s a false distinction because text is visual, unless it’s braille or audio, but you know what I mean. Information with an emphasis on content vs information with an emphasis on presentation.

Keep weekends simple. Me overcomplicate? Never! What, never? Well, hardly ever.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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