State Of The Blog: Weekends Completely Off

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Awareness of the outside world. Katrina. 15 years ago today. Whatever: Being Poor & Whatever: “Being Poor,” Ten Years On.
tldr: No more weekend posts. Too much time. Not enough to say.

New Schedule
Starting in September, I will not be putting up weekend posts.

Previously, I have been trying to stay out of my office on weekends but still posting on Saturday and Sunday. That means writing 7 posts in 5 days. Lately, that has felt onerous. [Weekends Off]

Why now? If I have been writing this way since 2016, why am I feeling overwhelmed now? One, the time/energy going into Virtual Tevis and Virtual Route 66 are wearing me out. That would be a good thing. Or, two, I am feeling lazy and slothful because I am lazy & slothful and/or because the world is on fire. That would be a bad thing. [VTevis, VRoute 66]

Why now? A lot of my recent Saturday and Sunday posts have felt like filler. Neither are on message. Maybe if my fiction was zooming along for Saturday or I was more of an artist for Sunday. It’s not and I’m not.

Why now? I was having a snit over … memory fails. This idea popped into my head from left field. It had nothing to do with the snit. Even I can’t connect the dots from whatever was bothering me to weekends off. Once there the idea decided to stay. The thought of two days off is appealing.

This plan may last a week; it may last for the life of the blog. Or, maybe I’ll post fiction on a Saturday and graphics on a Sunday when I have something to share. Yeah, because I’m such an impromptu person. Ha.

I greatly enjoy being able to say that I have a daily blog, or that I have not missed a day since my last restart, back in 2018. However, this serves no purpose other than bragging rights inside my head. I like bragging rights as much as the next blogger, but not enough to keep slogging through two extra posts a week. [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging May 28 2018]

Why Have a Schedule At All?
Clearly, I am the sort of person who likes my life to be under control. Organizing my life with lists and plans and schedules does this. Or at least provides the illusion of control.

A blogging schedule encourages me. The Sunday graphics posts motivated me to improve with Inkscape and GIMP programs. While I am nowhere near pro quality with either, I can generally hack my way through the buttons. Photography on Friday and Fiction on Saturday have stalled for the moment. Maybe I just don’t need more deadlines in my life right now.

A blogging schedule limits me. I started Saddle Seat Wednesday as a way to keep the ASBs from overrunning the blog. My own horses weren’t getting their noses in the barn door. Similarly I keep discussions of my fitness programs to Thursdays, so I don’t bore you with my off-horse exercise more than once a week. Granted, my blog, my rules. OTOH, I like to balance that with sufficient audience appeal to keep you coming back. [Whither Now? Saddle Seat Version]

None of this is news.

Daily deadlines keep me motivated. A weekly schedule keeps me organized. Rotating through the various activities keeps one subject from taking over the blog, e.g. saddleseat [Whither Now], and gently forces me to keep up with others, e.g. photography … Is all this categorization necessary? No. Could I put up a pretty photo on Monday, skip a day, talk about Milton for the rest of the week and then take a month off? Yes. Provided I was a totally different person. Even considering the idea makes my brain itch. [Back to Blogging]

True then. True now.

What’s Left On Schedule
Monday through Friday posts. Topics as available.

Mood on Monday, if I can think of anything to say other than ‘Gee, this bites.’

Virtual Tevis on Tuesday until done.

Fitness Thursday, mainly for monthly 5k walks.

Photos on Friday, if I have anything. It’s a nice way to end the week.

… or maybe not. Maybe the blog will turn into a mad free-for-all.

But I doubt it.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

7 thoughts on “State Of The Blog: Weekends Completely Off

  1. In my experience, Saturday posts always get the least number of views. I don’t keep to a schedule, but if I’m going to give myself a guilt-free day off, I always choose Saturdays.

  2. I always find the blog ebbs and flows with my life and what I need at the time. Posting on the weekend hasn’t been on the menu for me in a while and I find it nice, I hope you do too!

  3. Thank you for the words of support. We’ll see what happens. I am endlessly amazed at the rules I make up for myself. Requirements. Breathe in & out. Eat. Feed the animals. The rest is negotiable.

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