Danish Horses Say Vrinsk

The world is vast & weird.

Awareness of the outside world. *Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages* by Gaston Dorren (Atlantic 2018). So many languages. So many scripts.

Sounds All Around: A Guide to Onomatopoeias Around the World
by James Chapman (Andrews McMeel 2020)

Tumblr: Pictures by James Chapman

The Atlantic: How to Snore in Korean, The mystery of onomatopoeia around the world by Uri Friedman, November 27, 2015. In case you don’t feel like clicking over, Dr. Chapman’s degree is in physics and Pacman is named after the sound of eating in Japanese.

Wait, What?
Why is there a post today? Didn’t I yammer on about taking weekends off? [State of the Blog]

Yeah, about that.

Didn’t work.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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