Finding My Own Peace, Bridges In The Gardens, Walk Report II, Calgary Virtual 5K

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Masks were required inside buildings at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Out among the flowers, most folks either wore one or carried theirs, which is what I did once I got away from the entrance court and was alone in the woods. I’d put it back on when my path intersected with others, more out of courtesy than concern. Open air seems to be one of the answers for lowering the transmission rate. I wonder if al fresco activity will continue to be as popular once we get back to normal, whatever, whenever that is.
But first, a progress report.

Milton & Rodney did 4 & 1/4 miles yesterday, walk, trot & canter. We are halfway thru the Virtual Tevis in just over a month. Whoot!

And now, back to our story.

One of the images for the The Calgary Marathon is the Peace Bridge. It’s on the marathon medal (not the 5K) and the front of the shirt. Give it a Google.

The 5K medal was designed to interlock with the marathon & other race medals for those folks who do both. (!?!?!) The second medal slips in between the lettering and the skyline. The legs of the relay medals also nest together. Creative bling! Impact Magazine: Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2020 Medal Design

I celebrated this by taking pictures of bridges in the gardens as I walked. It’s another reason my time was so slow. [Walk Report]

Enough text, on to a baker’s dozen of bridges and maybe bridges.

What Is A Bridge?
A bridge enables a person to cross over water.

Is it a bridge if you don’t know you are on it?

Is a pipe a bridge? A grate?

Is it a bridge if it doesn’t go over water?

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. I take my mask off when I’m walking around the pond – small enough that i can walk around it in about 10 minutes. And when I get outside the building to go walk or go to my car. The mask makes my glasses fog up.

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