Memories of Bygone Days, Year of the Ox Challenge, Fourth Walk Report, Altadena & Patchwork

Fit To Ride


Awareness of the outside world. The problem is not just a place to ride. Access is an issue when a barn – or any high land-use, outdoor activity – is farther away than an easy commute from an urban center. The hardcore will still make the drive. The potential new audience will turn to other activities.

Several times around a pocket park & along a walking trail behind a retail center.

Year of The Ox Virtual Challenge, Walk #3 [Intro]
Altadena Park, Friends of (FB)
January 28, 2021
Distance – 6.04 km (3.75 miles)
Time – 1:42:20 min
Current Mileage – 14.39 km (8.94 miles)
To Go – 18.13 km (12.27 miles)
Total Distance – 32.53 km (20.21 miles)
Challenge in miles. Tracker set to kilometers for weekly 5Ks & virtual UK walk. [Digital Fun, LEJOG]

This one is sad. When I moved to Alabama, Patchwork was an event barn. Now it’s a shopping mall, a retirement home, and a patch of regrowth. I covered several competitions at Patchwork for The Chronicle of the Horse. Pre-Internet, so you’ll have to take my word.

Previous Horse and I won a jumper class in the parking lot of the retirement home. It was Optimum Time rather than Fastest Time, so I slowed down to a sedate pace. Everyone else ran around like cats with the zoomies. I was the closest to the OT by leagues. #readtherules.

View from the walking trail.

XC course from Atladena Park.

Looking up from the pasture to rear of the barn.

Bham Wiki: Patchwork Farm

COH: Obituary for Dr. Chauncey Benedict Thuss

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