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Awareness of the outside world. World? World? Still slogging through assignment. The inner voices are cacophonous. Would be happy to blame pandemic but the issues existed before.
We are 75% of the way. “The Century Club recognizes dressage riders and horses whose combined ages total 100 years or more.” The Dressage Foundation Century Club

Rodney, age 20, & Katherine, age 55
Full Circle Horse Park
August 24, 2019
[Worth 1000 Words]
Jeremy Villar Photography

Doing The Math
Posted self on Sam. [Saddlebred Three-Quarter Century Club]

Got to thinking about Rodney. He’s in his 20s now. I wonder. Yup. Turns out our entire show career – all 4 shows – crossed the 75-year mark. [Horses of 2019]

Rodney was born in 1999, so his show age was 20 in 2019. I don’t know what month he was born. Good bet it was before August. So his calendar age is also 20 in these photos.

While I’m not sure how dressage does it, most disciplines mark the rider’s age as of December 1 of the previous year. I’m going with that. For the 2019 show year, I was 55 on December 1, 2018. In the photos, actual age is 56.

Therefore combined show age was 75. Combined calendar age was 76.

Why didn’t I think of Rodney initially? Either I am in denial about his age &/or he’s not in the front stall when I consider shows I have attended.

Jeremy Villar Photography

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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