Worth 1000 Words, Show Photos, Dressage, Full Circle Horse Park, August 2019

Training Journal

Dressage, CT, 3-Phase
Full Circle Horse Park
August 24, 2019
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2019 USDF Intro A

Chilling in warm-up

A word about tack. Schooling bridle and “illegal” bit. If Rodney decided he hated showing, I didn’t want to invest in new bridle & bit. Got permission ahead of time from the judge to use the driving bit that Rodney goes in. Bit with the same mouthpiece and dressage/hunter-compatible sidepieces has been ordered.

Also, please forgive the green slime. The bit was clean when we started.

A Enter working trot rising.
Between X&C Medium Walk.
Slightly right on center line.

Here we go!

C Circle left 20 meters, working trot rising
Circle (a) bit small

Number on my boot rather than on his bridle. Rodney can be headshy about some things, i.e. brushes, unexpected movements, but tolerant of others, i.e. towels, skritches, hoses. Now was not the time to find out what he thought of piece of cardboard near his eye. Another option is to pin it to his saddle pad.

Same movement

Someone decided to make it a stretchy circle. I have no memory of this. I was trying to steer, and not very well apparently. I thought we nailed it. Usually my navigating/precision is better than this. At the Intro level, it’s all one has.

H-X-F Free walk
Needs more march & swing

Nor do I remember him looking out of the arena. This may be about where I was hunting a horse fly that was circling us.

Same movement

F-A Medium walk.
A Down centerline.
Counterbent through corner & turn.

Yeah, he’s bad to drop onto his right shoulder. I worked on making a clear transition from free walk to working walk, but neglected to get the horse straight. OTOH, check out my German Army officer dressage position!

X Halt and Salute
Good boy! I made sure to salute first.

Leave area in free walk. Exit at A.

Really, really, good boy!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. I read this On The Day using my iPad, which doesn’t have my login details for everything I use in Internetland. I meant to come back and comment, so here I am.
    Woohoo!!!!! Woot-Woot! Yippee!
    And a heartfelt well done to you for sticking with him ❤

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