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I didn’t mean to do that. I got excited.

When I was by showing by myself, I got the idea to post whenever I went off to a horse show with Stepping Stone Farm. It was amusing. It provided content. The feature lasted from May 24, 2014 [Horse Show Today, MSSP 2014] to Feb 26, 2016 [Show Today, Winter Tournament 2016], for a total of 26 posts.

When my ground crew started coming with for moral support, and then when we started taking Milton places overnight, I stopped. Why advertise that the house is empty?

Do I think nefarious villains are stalking me though my blog? No. Well, now that I write it out, a little. It would make a good NCIS/Criminal Minds/whatever plot. Weirder things happen every day. But I digress.

Do I think we have anything worth stealing? No. Everything in our house is useful, sentimental, or covered in pet hair. Or a combination of all three.

So why do I worry? What can I say. I grew up in a big city. I am defensively paranoid by nature.

Thus ended the Show-Today-post tradition.

Last Saturday [You Are Not Going To Believe This], I resurrected the idea for the reasons stated, namely that the day was a victory before we ever entered the ring. I thought some folks might want to cheer us on in real time (Hi Mom!), so I gave the exact time of our test. I even added the displacement from GMT, lest there be any doubt.

Brilliant move. I manage to alert to the entire world to the exact time that our house would be unattended. I did not realize this until the post was published and & it was too late.


As it turned out, no one ravaged our house while we were gone. Plus, on Saturday morning, it gave me something to worry about other than the horse show.

I now return to announcing horse shows in retrospect.

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