Rodney’s Jumping History, A Short List

Jumping Diary Note. Originally this was the second half of yesterday’s post. On one hand, too much of a downer, wanted to let yesterday’s victory have its own space. On the other hand, wanted to keep the record now that I’ve assembled the links. So, second post. Our Jumping History Partly because I can’t resistContinue reading “Rodney’s Jumping History, A Short List”

(Re)Starting Small

Jumping Diary     Raised pole, trot fence. No actually leaping. All parties definitely in jump mode. Excellent approach and attitude. You know, if when this ever comes together, it’s not clear who is going to be more obnoxiously impossible to live with – horse or rider.     In order to take advantage ofContinue reading “(Re)Starting Small”

Soggy Week Ahead

Blogging About Blogging Let’s Get Meta     Posts may be disjointed this week. Show planned last weekend. Due to incredible amounts of rain, show moved. New facility is large and awkward to work at. Rodney would be overwhelmed. The goal is to give him confidence in a show environment, not to blow a fuse.Continue reading “Soggy Week Ahead”

Gift Theory and Blogger Gift Exchange Follow Up

Blogging About Blogging Let’s Get Meta     I have been traumatize by Christmas gifts in the past. I’m sure you know the ones. The gifts you get from a friend or relative or co-worker who means well but doesn’t know you well enough to have a clue. The footed china cake stand decorated withContinue reading “Gift Theory and Blogger Gift Exchange Follow Up”

Not Rising To The Challenge

Foto Friday Fail     May As Well Event issued a challenge to bloggers, “Let’s see ONE horsey picture for each of the last ten years.” The 2010s Picture Challenge. Links to the responses have been assembled in their own post 2010 Picture Challenge – BlogHop Recap. Some of these blogs I have been followingContinue reading “Not Rising To The Challenge”