Rodney’s Jumping History, A Short List

Jumping Diary

Note. Originally this was the second half of yesterday’s post. On one hand, too much of a downer, wanted to let yesterday’s victory have its own space. On the other hand, wanted to keep the record now that I’ve assembled the links. So, second post.

Our Jumping History
Partly because I can’t resist punishing myself. Mostly because of my completest tendencies. Possibly because maybe this time we have found the start of a successful path?

2010. Jumping while trying out, twice. Cantering, small jumps (~2’6″), courses. Jumped for ~month at home while wheels gradually came off.

2017. Happy walking hop over crossrail in May [Jump!]. It all tanks again at a trot in June [Rodney Recap].

2018. Took the inaugural SSF jump in December. More upset than was merited, from my pov. [What’s Been Happening, Rodney description], [What’s Been Happening, Jumping! date]

2019. Trot pole. While no actual jumping occurred, Rodney recognized and treated it as a jump-like object. He stayed calm but interested during the trot up, over, and away. [(Re)Starting Small]

Enough about me. What was your biggest victory this week? Entertain me.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Rodney’s Jumping History, A Short List

  1. I don’t tend to think of things in terms of victories. When I ride or work with any of them I try to have fun and enjoy the company of my horse. I try to learn something more or new about them and how they think or feel about this or that. If we do really well with something that has been challenging or eluding us, then I’ll think “great! We nailed that today.” I’m always working toward some little progress or improvement with this or that, but mainly I’m looking for a quiet, confident, happy horse. If I have that, then I can say I’ve done my job.

  2. Successful path has my vote. OTOH, I think the only vote that counts is Rodney’s.

    “I’m looking for a quiet, confident, happy horse” Yes … while winning! all! the! things! Ahem, excuse me. That slipped out. I find I am better motivated with an external structure. The downside of being good with deadlines is being bad without one.

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