Finishing The Season, Preshow Report, Full Circle Horse Park, Dressage, November 2019

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We have two more shows scheduled for the year. I almost bailed on them.

Gasp. Clutch the pearls. Me missing a horse show?!

I know. I can barely believe it myself. They are both dressage shows. While Rodney & I have come a long way in a lot of areas, our dressage-specific skills are unchanged from what they were in August [Words].

I do not need more bad dressage in my life.

Yes, I have huge amount to learn in dressage. No, I do not need any more experience with a simple circle-reverse-circle-halt-salute test. As a building block for the horse? Sign us up. As a building block for the rider? Have the t-shirt, bought the book, saw the movie, rented the DVD, streamed the series.

So, Rodney not ready. Me, over it.

My marvelous groom – in both senses of the word – brought up a good point. Rodney and I need practice going to shows. Doesn’t matter what kind: another obstacle challenge trip, a hunter flat class, or a super-basic dressage test. We need to work on our mental game. Me coping with show agitation. Rodney coping with show agitation. Me coping with Rodney’s show agitation. Rodney coping with my show agitation.

Bad dressage. Good team building. That’s the plan.

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Katherine Walcott

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