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The world is vast & weird.


Found it!


I have been looking for you since … since … checks original post, My Shetland: Lerwick Today … May of last year … Why did you decide to hide in a pile of ASB show pics?


This is cute.

Maybe I should start Postcrossing again. It was fun getting postcards from around the world [Latest Batch].

Activates account.

Goes looking for postcards.

Huh. Postcards have gotten hard to find. Who knew.

Bookstore? Nope.

Pharmacy? Nope, even though website says they carry them.

That’s okay. I know what I’ll do. Instead of a generic state postcard, I’ll go to one of the local tourist sites and buy pretties.

This may take a while, I don’t go into town that often.

Bzzzzt. You are not going into town at all.

Maybe I can order some online. This would be a good home-stay activity.

Website? Yes.

Gift shop? Of course.

Gift shop has online orders? Nope. I guess the as tourist attractions go, they aren’t big enough to need an online sales presence. Grand Canyon they are not.

Bzzzzt. Bzzzzt. Attention, please. The world is closed. Please come back in … we’re not sure when.

Well, so much for sending postcards.

At least I have this pretty postcard of Shetland Ponies in Sweaters

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Miscellaneous stamp info

“For the £1.35 stamps, the designs are an oak tree (England), linen (Northern Ireland), thistle (Scotland) and daffodil (Wales).” Linn’s Stamp News: Royal Mail’s new definitives, Denise McCarty, 2019

“The Scotland stamps were designed by Tayburn: the thistle was sculpted by Tim Chalk” Royal Mail sales page

“Definitive stamps are sometimes called the “workhorse” of the postal system. They’re also known as regular-issue stamps.” Mystic Stamp Company: The Difference Between Definitive and Commemorative Stamps

Smithsonian National Postal Museum: Definitive Issues
SNPM: Commemorative Issues
SNPM: Glossary P Provisional stamp

“Country definitives, formerly known as regional postage stamps of Great Britain are the postage stamps issued for regions of the United Kingdom, reflecting the regional identity of the various countries and islands of the British isles.” Wiki: Country Definitives

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “PostUNcrossing

  1. I shudder to think how long it took to knit those sweaters! Such patience! And it’s not as if you can do those patterns with half a mind somewhere else! OTOH, on long winter nights they were probably welcome across the lap.
    Thank you. How cool.

  2. Glad it arrived safely!

    Sent with love, all the way from Shetland.

    Stay safe
    Frances x

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