Counting Down The Days Shetland Style



An advent calendar featuring the adorable ponies and gorgeous landscapes of My Shetland. Or I assume will feature. Haven’t see all the days yet.

It’s too late to order one. Mine took a week & a half to swim over from Shetland. Plus, she doesn’t seem to be doing the online version this year. So why am I waving this under your nose if you can’t have one?

First, it’s a clever way to sell one’s photography. It’s a twist on the endless cups and calendars and computer mousepads.

Second, it’s a chance to tell you about her blog: six rescued Shetland ponies whose main job appears to be eating carrots and mugging for the camera; an active Icelandic horse breeding program which translates to foal photos each year; plus sheep, dogs, and cats; as well as sunsets, clouds, and waves. It’s a Shetland vacation without the hassle of air travel.

If you don’t follow her yet, trot on over, and check it out, My Shetland. Be sure to sure not to miss Shetland Ponies in Sweaters.

As usual, no deals. No collaboration with the creator. Bought calendar. Liked it. Wanted to tell you about it. (And yes, feed the insatiable maw that is a daily blog.)

Day 1

Happy Advent!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Categories: Horses, Photography, Travel

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