Screensaver Dreams


For your entertainment. “‘I’m singing for them’: Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell, recovering from coronavirus, now sings from his NYC apartment window to salute health care workers.” By Ellen Moynihan, New York Daily News, Apr 13, 2020. This song always gets me in the feels, even more so now. Click over for video.

Side note. I was startled to see people gathering on the sidewalk. On second look, they are doing a decent job of standing apart.

I put up this photo of Rodney as my screen saver. It was a symbol of how well his schooling was going. Yeah, sure, we had travel in order to make progress, but he was getting really good about shipping [The Next Step In Rodney’s Trailering Education] and progress was being made [Super Duper Starter Neon Baby Green Hunter]. Photo dated around the beginning of February.

It’s still there. When the all of the work windows close and the photo shows up, I find myself staring with fascination at the grocery store.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Screensaver Dreams

  1. You have to use a mask to get in to a grocery store. At the ‘senior’ hour of 6 t0 7 the shelves are almost bare, I don’t know how much more there is after they restock. My homemade mask makes my glasses fog up. I’ve never actually seen a piggly wiggly before. What kind of name is that? I love how calm Rodney looks.

  2. I always loved that song (and musical). It does hit the feels now for sure. And there were a lot of people in the street 😦

    1. My family saw the show on Broadway during what I believe was its original run. Can’t even think about that song without crying. What a wonderful thing for him to do.

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