Come Away With Me, Virtually

Fit To Ride


New feature. A footer widget to track my virtual bike touring [Virtual Bling], see below.

Route Report
Finished Peru [Biking Virtually, Inca Trail]. Am now in the Southern Alps [Biking Virtually, New Zealand]. Having a blast. So it’s a mental construct. What isn’t?

Ribbon Replacement
I will admit to a fondness for horse show ribbons. Perhaps if I were a more evolved person, I would enter competitions for the sense of accomplishment and for an inner measure of success. Ain’t gonna happen.

You know something else that ain’t gonna happen any time soon? Horse shows. Even without the shutdown, neither horse was lined up for a stellar show season.

No horse shows means no ribbons. Sob. Enter virtual medals. Yay loot!

Research Rationale
When you enter your mileage on the website/app, it tells you where you are on the map. It links to Google Streetview, if one is available for your location. You can follow your progress virtually along the route.

I have been reading about each location as I virtually ride it. Given the infinite number of rabbit holes available on the Internet, it’s a reason to pick this rabbit hole over that one.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Come Away With Me, Virtually

  1. I recently managed to row through the alps via YouTube. It was slightly surreal, in a good way, but it would have been better had I been awarded a ribbon afterwards

  2. I win/earn my medals at Solitaire. Problem is it’s a deadline activity, daily and monthly. Me, compulsive? Definitely. So satisfying!

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