Annoying Shortages Not Related To The Virus, But Of Course The Current Situation Makes Everything Worse


Lucky enough to have a horse.

As it says on the tin. We have issues that have nothing to do with coronovirus. Nothing serious, just day-to-day horse management.

Because it’s easy to overlook the obvious, one reason we added alfalfa was because of a hay shortage. Coastal hasn’t been available in our area for months. [Rodney’s Recap]

We knew this was coming. Bought as much as we could. Usage math said we would run out in mid to late April.

Easy-peasey. We’ll head up to a hay dealer. Get one or two of those big honkin’ cubes of hay. A seven-hour, interstate drive is not the ideal way to restock, but doable. [Sand Colic]

Bzzzt. Where do you think you are going?

Have this one mostly sorted. Grass is coming up. They are enjoying the alfalfa and not going loco. They will still eat coastal if that’s the only thing served. Should last until this year’s hay is cut. (Crosses fingers.) Meanwhile alfalfa continues to be available. Or should I say continue$.

The Coronovirus Effect. We *could* do the drive. We are trying to keep it from being essential.

Went to buy Milton’s cimetidine. The stomach relief aisle looked like the toilet paper aisle. Not quite true. They had lots of product. Everything but cimetidine. Both the name brand and generic spaces where vast, gaping wastelands.


I will admit to the wondering if cimetidine had been rumored as the next possible coronovirus cure.


Nothing at all to do with the virus or with the drug manufacturing supply chain. Another heartburn relief drug, ranitidine, has been recalled, FDA Updates. Therefore, everyone is turning to cimetidine.

We have this one sorted for the moment. Hoping producers will ramp up, that’s certainly what I’d do if my main competitor was taken off the market.

The Coronovirus Effect. Milton has been on the maintenance dose. Not seeing much change, but it’s a prevention. We can’t run the counterfactual for what might happen in the future if we don’t give it. Then, a while back, our source for cheap generic dried up. Switched to much more expensive generic. Noticeable reduction in existing bumps. Hmm. Maybe there was a reason the previous source was so cheap?

We’d love to raise him to treatment dosage of the good stuff. Not going to rock any boats right now. We’ll wait.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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