When Life Gives You Rain

Jumping Diary


You make an impromptu, introductory water jump.

Puddle. Puddle with pole in front. Puddle with pole in middle. Milton never refused. He did skirt the edge of the water once or twice. More in the manner of, ‘Hey Boss, did you know we can get around this?’ When he got the idea that straight through was the way to go, I got a distinct impression of, ‘These people are weird.’ With much wandering at his own pace, much sniffing of water, and lots of praise, Milton progressed. I think he liked learning a lesson and liked being good at something.

I, on the other hand, see only my flaws on the video, i.e. drawing my leg back to kick, piano hands expert enough to qualify as a Steinway. Override much? I am tugging the right rein to keep Milton from veering off to the barn, which you can see in the distance.

Once again [Cantering This Way and That], no actual jumps, but a first step.

Blogging note: I had to add a Cross-Country tag. Woo-hoo.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Rain

  1. You look fine! You’re working with Milton in a way he understands. That’s cool.
    Remember how Priney (short for Princess, folks) hated to get her feet wet? That one ride where she thought the mud was water and the water was the mud, and she got stuck up to her hocks and Bently (or was it Jeepers by then?) was laughing his horsey face off? As were we. Took forever to get that mud off of her.
    Your exploits bring back some happy memories for me. Thanks for that.

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