My Heart Is In My Boots, and That’s a Good Thing

Home Team “It’s not… men… it’s just him.” Ianto Jones Torchwood Children of Earth: Day One IMDB: quotes Hell has frozen over. I have black field boots. Courtesy of Carousel Tack Shoppe. They are so gorgeous and fit me so well, I don’t care. I needed new boots. My brown Ariats [New Equipment] blew outContinue reading “My Heart Is In My Boots, and That’s a Good Thing”

New Equipment: Navigator Gloves

Driving Thursday My first experience as a navigator was with Lyricc. We had a blast. Lyricc is fleet-footed and nimble. She scoots. Bliss, on the other hoof, roars. The first time Bliss powered down the long side of the arena, I was suddenly acutely aware that the only thing keeping me inside the cart wasContinue reading “New Equipment: Navigator Gloves”

Letter Art: V is for Vest, Again

New Year. New Vest. Let’s hope I get some wear out of this one. Looking Back Yellow vest [At The Horse Show]. Borrowed for first shows in 2013. Blue vest [Show Photos SE Charity]. Bought in 2013 [Show Report, It Takes a Village]. Worn with salmon plaid shirt. Purple vest [Show Photos Nat 2014]. BoughtContinue reading “Letter Art: V is for Vest, Again”

Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves

The most anticipated class of the year is the costume class at the Stepping Stone Farm fall fun show. This year Michelle Duplichien talked me into it, or I talked her into it. History is not clear. We chose the Doctor Who/My Little Pony crossover character Dr. Whooves. Seriously. Macho was a star about wearingContinue reading “Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves”

Foto Friday: New Clothes

Ideally, I prefer Foto Friday to be about art & expanding my photo skills. However, I couldn’t wait to show off my new saddle seat Academy outfit. Isn’t it beautiful? Custom from Becker Brothers with intense shopping guidance from Reagan Upton, Stepping Stone Farm’s show ring style guru. As reigning National Equitation Champion (also ASHAContinue reading “Foto Friday: New Clothes”