All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

The day before the show [Up & Down], I picked up the clothes I had fitted at the previous show [Riding Vs Showing: Meet-up In A Hotel Room]. I’m not used to this high living.

When I would put on my fancy, custom vest [New Clothes] at shows, I would think, ‘Hmmmpf, this doesn’t fit any better than my last-minute, non-custom vest [Important Questions].’ By contrast, I loved the shirt. When I tried the vest on at the fitters, I couldn’t remember what I disliked about it. However, the nice man found a few places to take it in anyway.

I may have made a mistake getting measured at end of a show day, when I was underfed and dehydrated. The result is well-fitted, bordering on snug. Which is fine, except that I’m currently at the low end of my weight range. I try to stay between 140 to 150. I’m at 143 lbs. Not a lot of wiggle room. Nothing for it but a few sit-ups & always remember to bring my non-fitted vest.

Yes, to me overweight means not fitting into my show clothes. We knew this [Diet Progress 2014].

As I said, I had planned to buy pants. Turned out the nice ones I already had could be lengthened.

Rachel Kelley Photography

This was the picture that made me realize I needed new pants. Should drape down over the heel of the boot. Photo from NEGA 2016 [Show Photos, Presentation]

From the way the vest and pants feel, I can tell I look très spiff. I have not looked in a mirror. There must have been one at the fitting appointment, but I didn’t see it/forgot to look. No full-length at home. I mostly put on the clothes and wait for more knowledgeable people to sign off.

Now to find occasions to wear them. Not sure when that will be. Last year, I rode in 7 saddle seat shows. Three were local, i.e. small, and one was in-house, i.e. very small. I only pulled out the full outfit three times. Did okay with the unmodified versions.

This year, I have even less of a plan. I’m sure (Lord willing etc.) that I will ride in the local fun shows. I have no idea about the fancier shows. There is even a potential conflict that could keep me from Nationals. Gasp! Clutch pearls!

Oh well. When the opportunity arises, I will be dressed and ready.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

  1. in my sport we’re expected to wear skin tight white pants … .which like, who on earth thought that would be a good idea??? every spring it’s a real moment of truth to see if the pants come out of the closet still fitting and at least reasonably not too stained haha…

  2. My day clothes don’t tend to shrink, one advantage of the baggy look.

    I have good legs, so the white britches never bothered me. At least, they didn’t mumble, mumble years ago.

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