Saddle Seat Wednesday
Me, Sam, Ribbon Minions & Coach Courtney at NE GA. Rachel Kelley Photography
Me, Sam, Ribbon Minions & Coach Courtney at NE GA.
Rachel Kelley Photography

Saddle seat folks know how to put the “show” in horse show.

The first time I saw a ribbon presentation and victory pass, I thought, ‘After every class? This is going to add hours.’ Turns out, it doesn’t. It’s quite nifty the way the process is managed.

Winner is announced. Horse and rider make their way to the designed presentation spot, usually in center ring. Trainer or trainer substitute runs into the ring. Horse hits his/her mark. Ribbon & trophy presenters swim alongside. Trainer attracts horse’s attention. Everyone looks at the photographer. Cheese. Done.

Trainer puts ribbon on bridle, on the inside for the desired direction of the victory pass. Wraps one of the streamers around the throatlatch of the bridle to keep ribbon in place. Ribbon may go on rider’s pocket if horse is not fond of fluttery objects. Or, pictured here, sash with a convenient hook-and-loop closure is adjusted around neck. Trainer accepts trophy, as applicable. Horse and rider peel off. Trainer runs back to the end of the long side.

While this is happening, second through the rest of the ribbons are announced. Ribbons are picked up on the way out of the ring. A second presenter does the fly-bys.

By the time the last rider leaves the ring, the winner is rounding the corner and headed down the long side, posting on the “wrong” diagonal in order to be seated when the horse’s inside front leg is down. Makes for a better picture. Rider heads for Trainer, who is waving a towel or shiny trophy. Announcer announces. Photographer photographs. The crowd goes wild.

Winner leaves the ring shortly after the last place horse. Out-gate is closed. In-gate is opened. Next class trots in.

Easy, peasy. I can see a hunter show using this for flat classes.

Show Photos: NE GA Charity 2016, two victory passes
Rachel Kelley Photography

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