Show Shirt Surprise

Ovation® Destiny Evercool Long Sleeve Show Shirt- Ladies’, White/Periwinkle. Image from manufacturer’s web page.

Back when I was learning to dress myself, cotton was good, polyester was bad. Cotton was soft and breathable. Polyester was wrapping yourself in Saran Wrap.

Flash forward to the show last weekend [Show Report]. Time to dress for dressage. I had on a loose-fitting, all-cotton, aloha shirt. I had to change into a long-sleeve, close-fitting, show shirt. The material was suspiciously slippery. I had worn the shirt before. Never when it was this hot. I was NOT looking forward to putting it on. Imagine my astonishment when the show shirt was cooler than my casual shirt.

I’m so out of touch that I simply bought what the nice ladies at Carousel Tack Shoppe recommended. Therefore, I’m not totally sure which model/make of shirt it is. The tag says Ovation. The pattern in the picture matches the one on my shirt. I’m assuming this one.

The page copy lists all manner of fancy features, complete with proprietary names, each with their own TM mark. The shirt purports to be ventilated, dirt-repelling, odor resistant, and UV blocking. I think it worked harder during our dressage test than we did. Clearly things have changed in the tack closets of the world.

I can’t say whether this one is better, worse, or the same as other show shirts. I’m still trying to wrap my head around man-made being better performing than cotton.

Modern show shirts are cool. Literally.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Show Shirt Surprise

  1. “I think it worked harder during our dressage test than we did.”

    Hahahaha! Great line! Mostly because it might actually be true. 😉

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