On Course Again, Show Report, Full Circle Horse Park, May 2019, Show Jumping

The Gray Wonder, Jumping Diary


Dressage, CT, 3-Phase
Full Circle Horse Park
Pell City AL, USA
May 18, 2019
[Show Report]

Major Milton
23. 12″ Cross Rails. Clear Round

Despite my hesitation [Pre-show], I’m glad we entered the same level as last time. Milton did an excellent round, but he was still not sure about the looming wall of trees during warm-up nor about being surrounded by that many brightly painted piles of wood as we made our entry circle.

Once we got going, he was a star. He trotted over most, jumped a few, cantered away from several, and cantered over one.

He also handled 6 or 7 horses in warm without batting an eyelash.

The next show is in August. Will we move up to 18″? Maybe all the way up to 2′?

Apologies for the lack photos from the show. The paparazzi failed to appear (gasp!) and I forget about media in media res. Plus, it all looks pretty much the same as last time, down to our matching red outfits and me talking the entire round.

Jeremy Villar Photography

Repost [Show Photos]

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3 thoughts on “On Course Again, Show Report, Full Circle Horse Park, May 2019, Show Jumping

  1. You’re doing so well! You know not to push Milton too fast, and that is a good thing. Just keep on and you’ll be moving up in no time.

  2. Completely agree with ‘Debandtoby’!!! Smart plan, and I’m so excited for you – I’m inspired, and so excited…I am hopefully starting a 10-month care lease on a sweet older hunter gelding next month!

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