Philosophical Reflections Following My Post-Show Snit

Ride the horse you have.

For anyone just tuning in. I went to a show [Entering The Class]. My horse was a jackass [Wannabe Saddlebred Coming Through]. I had feelings about this [Sour Side Up]. I pondered. This is the result.

Ride the horse you have.

If that means walking two laps around the pastures before riding one (Rodney), so be it. If that means working our asses off to maybe, possible, someday go pre-pre-pre-pre-Baby Novice (Milton), so be it.

Ride the horse you have.

I worry about … I worry about everything. In never got back with obstacle person [Can’t Go Over It, Gotta Go Through It]. After a great start [Jump Crew], I’ve missed group lessons at Falcon Hill Farm two weeks running (show & farrier). I did not ride saddle seat at all in May. I feel I have let people down.

I can’t decide if this is compassionate or conceited.

What, they will spin off into the void without me? While I am all for aiding my fellow human in need, my over-developed sense of responsibility could use a hard reset. I need to respect that other people have agency. Look to my own knitting. Let other people look to theirs. I have more than enough to keep me occupied right here at home.

Ride the horse you have.

If a horse does not work out for the job you have in mind, you can come up with a new job or find him a new home that appreciates his skills. We have the option to give our horses forever homes [Is Your Horse A Dog Or A Sailboat?]. Therefore, they are here to stay.

These are the life choices we have made. These are the horses we have.

Ride the horse you have.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. I love your posts! They do amuse me. But they are so interesting! Keep on keeping on!

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