North Irish Horse, Guest Photos

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“There is above a smaller figure of St George on horseback slaying a dragon.”
Belfast City Council: Tourism and Venues: Belfast City Hall: Stained Glass Windows: > World War I North Irish Horse window

Belfast City Hall
Donegall Square
Northern Ireland
Type: Non freestanding
Location: Internal
Setting: Inside a building – public/private
Description: Stained glass window
Materials: Glass > Stained Glass, Metal > Metal (any)
Lettering: Incised
Conflicts: First World War (1914-1918)
War Memorials Online: North Irish Horse WWI

“On 20th September 1917, the second regiment was dismounted … The first regiment … establishment was reduced to become a major’s command; one man in four, no longer being required to hold the horses while fighting dismounted.”
The North Irish Horse Regimental Association > History

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