A Spirited Horse, Slane, Ireland, Guest Photos

Introduction, next few days. I am away from the blog being morally supportive. I leave you with a handful of photo posts from the reserves. Back soon.

Introduction, today. My friends are awesome. They go places. They send me pictures. Today, we travel vicariously to Ireland courtesy of Amy Vanderryn [Archives]. Photos by Amy. Text & links by me. Welcome Amy.

Slane Irish Whiskey,
Slane, Co. Meath

Artist: “Made from old whiskey barrels and steel.” Lynn Kirkham, Sculpture Art & Commissions. Scroll down for horse info. Scroll further down for basketry dragons.

Location: In the courtyard outside the distillery that is “Housed within the 250-year-old stables of the iconic Slane Castle Estate.” Slane Irish Whiskey, Visit the Distillery, must be over 18 to enter.

Most of us think of green when we think of Ireland. The Journal asks, So you know Ireland’s national colour might not be green, right? Mar 17th 2013. Also Wiki, St. Patrick’s blue. What say Irish readers, have I been led astray by Google?

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Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “A Spirited Horse, Slane, Ireland, Guest Photos

  1. Very interesting. I’m going to follow up on some of those links. The horse is fantastic. How many hours do you think went into making it?

  2. “How many hours do you think went into making it?” I’m wondering how she got it to stay upright.

    “Thanks for sharing the links.” Information junkie at your service.

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