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Trying out ice skating in the exercise mix. Much like swimming [Black Line Therapy], I have oodles of experience at the intro level. I can propel myself forward around the ice. After that, pfffft.

The advantage to skating is that it can be done alone or as a social activity. Also, it is not subject to thunderstorm restrictions the way the pool is.

Unfortunately, it is yet another leg exercise to add to the walking and biking I already have on the list. I must find a way to address my noodle arms.

There exist photos of me skating along with aplomb on this day. This one is more honest. It’s been maybe twenty years (?) since I last skated. There was a lot of wall hugging.

Pelham Civic Complex
Pelham, AL, USA

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5 thoughts on “Photos On Ice

  1. The down side to it is that ice is hard. I try to remember that whenever I get a hankering to hit the local ponds. Besides, most winters I get my fill of skating just trying to get out to my barn.

  2. “ice is hard.” Yeah, I have a bad habit of putting too much weight in my heels, thereby causing my feet to shoot out in front of me. Too many years of Heels Down.

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