Times Change, KY Edition

Rolex Kentucky starts tomorrow [Archives]. Huh. Took me completely by surprise. There I was, reading the post Are You Ready over on Contact: The Pursuit of PSG. I’m expecting high-level dressage musings. I get a picture of the author and friends in front of the main stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park. Wait. What?

“For the old Kentucky home far away.”

Rolex-as-was used to be a huge part of my Spring (photo [Nostalgia], lyrics Wiki) I went up to Lexington for a week every year from the first four-star in 1998 to WEG in 2010. I wrote about it. Editors cover the big events themselves, so I usually had a behind-the-scenes angle, from fence decorating to organizing the awards presentation. I worked it. I’ve volunteered for every phase, from crowd control at the jog to lining up the top 20 after show jumping. If you add in writing and recovery time, Rolex was easily 2% of my life. Now, it’s not even on my calendar.

Times change.

Of course, Kentucky is managing just fine without me. ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing has Kentucky Fever! A comment by Jen mentions, “My tailgate party! Going to be a ton of bloggers there.” Tailgate? Bloggers? This wasn’t how we did it in my day.

Times change.

Would I go back? Meh. Seems like a lot of work, a lot of driving and a lot of time away from home. I’ll stay here and watch the livestream. Unless the home team comes up with a better offer.

Times change.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Times Change, KY Edition

  1. Who’d have ever thunk it! But times do change, fortunately. Glad you’re not pining away in the past.

    I have heard old folks say “I have my memories.” I used to think that was sad. But now, I am fond of my memories while making new ones. And, as you say, it’s a lot less driving.

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