The Saddle Seat Saddle Gathers Dust

Non-Adventures in Saddle Seat


I rode saddle seat one day last month. There looks to be no saddle seat at all for me in April. This is a scheduling issue rather than a philosophical statement.

We were deep in dressage land … or the barn was away at a show … or Milton went over to Stepping Stone Farm for riding/driving. My ASB lessons filter to the bottom of the list.

OTOH, I forgot how much I like working with own horse. Rodney doesn’t count as he has managed to avoid a regular program. It’s nice to focus my riding on a long-term project rather than adapting on the fly each time I get on a horse. It’s fun to make plans for the next steps in a horse’s training.

Saddle Seat Wednesday will be back. Need to figure out how to work it all in. A pleasant problem to have.

Milton experiences the world outside of the ring at SSF.

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2 thoughts on “The Saddle Seat Saddle Gathers Dust

  1. Did you ever see the film “Bedazzled”? When you ask for something, you have to be very specific. Not only did you want your own horse but you wanted one you could ride. Finally! Congratulations. Enjoy!

    I’m following with great interest.

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