Extremes of Emotion

Jumping-sorta Diary


Milton is an emotive horse. He’s either chillin’ to the max [Goofy] or having a hissy fit [While there is more than one post to chose from as an example, I don’t want to give the incidents energy by looking back at them. Onwards! But I digress.]. Whatever Milton feels, he feels deeply.

We went over to Falcon Hill Farm to work on cantering and jumping. The canter is coming along. I’m remembering how to maintain a faster pace [Lessons]. Milton is getting stronger and managing increasingly smaller figures. We can do about a 30-meter circle at the moment. Our jumping work was several canter pole lines and a canter gymnastic (photo).

Our sticking point is the canter transition.

Me: Canter.
Milton: Don’t wanna.
Me: Canter.
Milton: Ain’t gonna.
Milton: Take that!

Pow. Massive cow kick as he tells me what he thinks of a thump on the side.

Remember our drill team experience last year [Camp Report]? He showed the same black/white behavior. He was either trailing the pack or leaping about because another horse invaded his personal space.

Middle ground, here we come!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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