Throwback Thursday, The Whatever Horse, Guest Photo

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Just George
Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trails
1987 (I’ll save you the math. 32 years ago. I was 24.)
Photo by Deborah Rubin

George took everything I threw at him.

Eventing? Whatever.

Hunters? Whatever.

Side-saddle? Whatever.

Foxhunting? Whatever.

Bridleless & bareback? Whatever.

Fancy dress side-saddle with imported double bridle? Whatever.

George had the light-footed grace of a carthorse and the effervescent joie de vivre of a phlegmatic tank. We didn’t win or excel at any of these activities. We just did them. Whatever they were.

We did win a 3′ hunter class at a local show. I think the judge was startled that George got around the course. A lot of folks couldn’t see the point to George. His owner and I adored him.

More George
[Saddle Seat Sidesaddle photo]
[26 Years photo]

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Katherine Walcott

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