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Milton gets put in the stall to eat breakfast. We let him out after. If I am away from the farm after breakfast, I am likely to be gripped by the panicked thought, ‘Did I let Milton out?!’ To circumvent that, I snap a pic of his fuzzy gray butt in the pasture. Concrete proof that he is not standing in the barn, waterless and bereft.

Waterless. We don’t leave water buckets in the stall if is only being used for meals, i.e empty most of the day. Too many drowned rodents. This doesn’t happen when a horse is in the stall. Go figure.

Bereft. If Rodney is up, Milton will keep him company. If Milton is up, Rodney wanders off as soon as he is done eating.

Long way of saying, I took this when I was going to be away for the day. Quite the poetic sunlight-rainbow-shadow effect, particularly from a camera phone, snapped semi-blind. I could barely see an image on the sun-bleached screen.

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2 thoughts on “In The Field, Accidental Photography

  1. Great hack: snapping a pic of something to prove this or that has or hasn’t been done. Could be very handy when I’m already halfway to somewhere else. This must happen to others, right? My reoccurring nemesis is wondering if I’ve latched stall doors. Yes? No? If not, it’s quite possible … no, inevitable that a rascally horse could lead the whole crew astray. Thanks for that!

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