Combined Driving Lesson, Cones

Greg spent his lesson time practicing jumper courses cones. Similarities between Jumper Courses & Cones Courses The course is a pattern of numbered obstacles, which can include combinations, grouped together as A/B/C/D. Each obstacle is marked with a number and red/white flags. (Oddly, I’ve never found this to help while riding. Actually checking the number/markersContinue reading “Combined Driving Lesson, Cones”

Pick Your Crazy

Do you want a little bit of crazy all of the time, or the occasional superabundance? Lesson this week. Still watching Louisville videos on demand. I am fascinated by the ribbon ceremonies. Granted I’ve always been a sucker for a victory gallop/pass. I am also intrigued by the behavior of the horses. In 1989, IContinue reading “Pick Your Crazy”

Fencing, A Photo Essay

Why are the dogs barking? Hmm, no UPS truck in the driveway. Why is the cat dashing about? No invaders. Still no delivery. … Time for the barn. Wait. What is that brown shape? Why is Rodney in the side field? We don’t have a side field anymore. [Since the only things between Rodney andContinue reading “Fencing, A Photo Essay”