Video Or It Didn’t Happen, The Home Team Goes to Falcon Hill

Training Journal   Falcon Hill Farm Milton goes mini-XC. Part of our holiday adventures [Ears, Turtle Steps]. Thursday, July 4. Milton jumping a course. Video by Molly McCown. [Ditto]. Sunday, July 7. Rodney checking out the ring. There was more tension in walk that is evident in video. However, he did an outstanding job forContinue reading “Video Or It Didn’t Happen, The Home Team Goes to Falcon Hill”

Lights-Camera-Classes, Show Videos, Southeastern Charity 2018

Adventures in Saddle Seat, ASB Pleasure Driving   Southeastern Charity Horse Show Saturday, September 22, 2018 Bell Cheval’s I’m Joanie in Academy Showmanship Whiskey Throttle in Academy Driving Home videos from Southeastern [Show Report]. I didn’t mean to drag this out for a month. The media took a while to wander in. Taken by myContinue reading “Lights-Camera-Classes, Show Videos, Southeastern Charity 2018”