Not In My Backyard, Show Report, SSF Home Show, 2018

Adventures in Saddle Seat, Home Team

Stepping Stone Farm
Chelsea AL USA
Saturday, October 27, 2018

Classes 2&3. Open Pleasure, Open Pleasure Championship. 3&4/5
Thank you to Lily Cofield & the Cofield family for Bel Cheval’s I’m Joanie

The weekend before Nationals, we had our annual in-house show. Joanie was not pleased at the commotion. Unlike Dottie last year [Show Report], Joanie did not recognize this as a show and saw no reason to rise to the occasion. I figured her attitude would improve at a real show. (It did.)

Our canter transitions were better but I had trouble holding the canter. I was staying off the rail to a) show the horse & b) stay out of the muddy bits. This narrowed our flight path, and I needed to support her more on the turns. I figured we would improve in the wider ring at Murfreesboro. (We did.)

The classes were held back-to-back, so I’m not sure which ribbon I got in which class.

Milton’s Meanderings
Milton came along for more non-compete experience. He did great. As soon as Joanie was done and put away, I tacked up and got on. We walked and stood for the rest of the show: up the driveway, around the barn, up and down the aisle. I combined directing him with letting him wander at will. One time, I swear he walked behind the barn to see why all the cars were parked in a place where they usually weren’t.

Milton came along for more non-compete experience. He’s not over it yet. He’d stand for a while and then move off. Even if someone was admiring him, he’d amble away. None of it was fast or anxious, but he will usually stand forever to bask in adoration.

Since an barn open house was being held in conjunction with the show, all of the horses got new stall signs. Milton got his.

Tomorrow: The Costume Class.

Update [Minions of the Night Unicorn OR Low Key Challenge Post, Costume]

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