Ribbons, Instagram Recap December 2019

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Posts through December 2019 from my blog Instagram account, @myvirtualbrushbox. Previous [It’s Gramming Cats & Dogs, Instagram Recap October 2019]. Individual Instagrams below 2019 recaps.

Do you Instagram? Please let me know your account in the comments. (From a suggestion by Millennial Life Crisis.)

After saying [Oct] that I was not going to do another set of themed Instagram posts, I fell right back down the rabbit hole. I’m pleased with the variety I was able to introduce into the basic subject of horse show ribbons.

All but the first and last are from or related to Stepping Stone Farm. Four are from the same show: cat, boot ribbon, glass trophy, and multi-color costume ribbon.

Posts by Subject
Horses: 4
Cats: 1
Misc: 4

Posts by Location
SSF: 5
Home: 1, trophy
Other: 3, weaving studio, Murfreesboro TN, Chelsea AL

Posts by Likes
The two ASB posts were most liked by a long shot. Saddle seat may not be blog-heavy, but they are big on visuals.

2019 As Told By Instagram

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December Recap, Individual Posts


Because I managed to omit the obvious, door decoration at Stepping Stone Farm.

[Neither Sound Nor Light, Halloween 2019]

Clockwise from left, Dottie, Promise, Promise, Whiskey. None mine; all long-distance, vicarious horse showing [Where I Am Not]. Photos by Courtney Huguley.

[Getting Our Hunter On, Show Report, SSF Home Show 2019]

[Taking The Reins, Show Report, Alabama Charity 2019, Driving]
[Putting The Show In Showmanship, Show Report, Alabama Charity 2019, Riding]
Photos by Courtney Huguley

A hunter barn down the street from us, Facebook. Driving by & stopped into check out their Halloween show. The color scheme of these ribbons gave me the idea for the themed posts.

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