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Blogging About Blogging

Let’s Get Meta


I have recently added subheaders. First day [Rodney’s Bit]. What can I say, I like to categorize things.

Some are messages to myself.

Training Journal

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

This is a reminder when I am whining about bad lessons or unexciting shows. I won’t stop, but perhaps the words will help me whine with a dash of perspective. This one is particularly relevant as there was such a long stretch of time when I wasn’t riding Rodney or Milton at all.


Lucky enough to have a horse.

The original saying was, If you are lucky enough to have a horse, you are lucky enough. True. Written out as a permanent subhead, “lucky enough” felt as if I were saying I’d had a sufficient amount of luck in my life and no longer needed any more. Didn’t want to tempt the universe. So I modified it.

Some I added because they sounded good.

Random Images

The world is vast & weird.

The subheader is something I find myself saying often. People doing things that I had never imagined.

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Enjoy the ride.

Usually Wednesdays, unless show reports run over.

Blogging About Blogging

Let’s Get Meta

Occasional Saturdays, as today. Although I am trying to make Saturdays more about writing.

Some still need work.

Foto Friday


Stumped about what to call photography, either header or subheader. Have been for a while. Les mots justes are out there. I just need to discover them.

Writing About Writing

Saturdays. I need a phrase that covers writing as well as talking about writing. And then I need to do more of the former and less of the latter. But that’s a different post.

Some needed further explanation.

Combined Driving

The view from the back seat.

The original header as header was cute if you knew Combined Driving. If you don’t know that the navigator stands on the back of the carriage, View from the BackSeat was confusing. Cleared that up.

Photo by Elizabeth Hickman
[MTCC Driving Derby]

Some did not need further explanation.

From The Bookshelf

Occasional Saturdays, most recently [Inspiration].

Celebrating Art


Off Topic

Either wildly astray [Brag], or on days other than Saturdays or Sundays. Weekend posts are consistently off topic (writing/art), so I don’t mention it each time.

Fit To Ride

Walking [Proof of Concept]. Dance [Challenge]. Skating [Photos On Ice]. Swimming [Black Line Therapy]. Anything that helps me do a better job in the saddle. And gives me a way to wedge non-equine subjects into a horse blog.

Some I’m still not sure about.

Return to Hunter/Jumperland

At the moment, this doesn’t come up often enough for me to decide what I want to call it.

Adventures in Saddle Seat – Pleasure Driving

File with driving? With saddle seat? I go back and forth.

Overcoming Obstacles in Our Way

Could taken as a reference to traumatic events rather than to a style of equine competition. As with h/j, doesn’t come up often enough to fuss me.

That is the state of the headers and subheads at the moment. [Archives]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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