Show Report: MTCC Driving Derby 2016 in Photo and Video

Driving Thursday




Practice Round & First Trip:

Second Trip:

Photos by Elizabeth Hickman, Nashville, TN, and Kate Bushman, Franklin, TN
Videos by Darren Murphy, Bethpage, TN

Show Details
Middle Tennessee Carriage Club Driving Derby
Valhalla Farm
Woodbury, TN
September 24, 2016

Greg & Lyricc, Katherine as navigator
Preliminary Horse: 1st of 1
Preliminary Division: 3rd of 5
(Winner of the division was the small but mighty Hero [Watching from the Sidelines].)

Kudos to Coach Kate, Whip Hand Farm, for the coaching, the cart, and the loan of the amazing Lyricc.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott


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