Jod Straps Endorsement

Saddle Seat Wednesday

This is for those of us who need gizmos to tie up your riding pants. (Explanation for those of you with britches, or with no riding pants at all. Saddle seat pants hang below the heels when riding. When one dismounts, one needs elastic bands to keep the pants from dragging on the ground. Some of us like to jazz up our jod straps.)

I bought these straps [Giveaway] from The Little Chic Pony Boutique as an add-on when I bought supplies for a lettering post [P is for Polo Wraps]

polo wraps jod straps

Look carefully at the left strap. The outer material completely covers the inner elastic. Usually the outer covering is a simple sleeve.

I noticed the feature. I made sure it was in the photo. I put them aside for showing and didn’t think beyond that. Then I used them. Suddenly I didn’t have to worry about the elastic snapping back into the sleeve. With the standard model, idle straps have to be vigilantly kept closed to prevent this.


If they came with more vibrant color &/or bling, I wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

Disclosure: No back room deal. No contact with seller other than though sales and commenting on her blog, Riding like a Lady Truck Driver. I just really like the straps.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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