Where I Am Not

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Guess where I am not.

I am not in Murfreesboro, TN.

I am not freezing/sweating up and down the aisles of Miller Coliseum.

I am not 145 pounds of agitation waiting for a show to start.

I am not at Nationals.

Gasp! I know right?

The plan was to ride Milton in a teeny, tiny, wee event that takes place the same weekend. When it became obvious this was not to be [Getting A Break], it was equally obvious that I had not ridden enough saddle seat to be worth the time and stress and expense and mental energy that is National Academy Finals. I’ve put on my fancy show jods once this year.

And so, I am happily stalking Stepping Stone Farm through the Internet, via the web and social media. Cast, in order of appearance (many kids, so initials to protect privacy):

J with Whiskey Throttle
M with Transformer (Optimus)
M with Radiant Promise
W with Dottie & Dave
O with Whiskey Throttle
D with HB Whizbang (Snippy), ride & drive
L with Bel Cheval’s I’m Joanie
L with Transformer (Optimus)

Go! Team!

Am I sorry I’m not there? Not really. I have the good fortune of having other options right now. Going just to go isn’t as interesting as it has been in the past [Countdowns].

Am I glad I’m not there? A little. I get stressed just looking at the photos. That part I do not miss.

Is this because I won last year [Elusive, Thoughts]? No. I would have had the same plan this year regardless. However, the gorgeous, fluffy blue [That Moment When …] makes sitting out the show that much easier.

If I go back to Nationals, I want to go with a horse I feel bulletproof on, with a horse who sparkles in the ring. I want to go with a strong chance of – I won’t say winning because you can never predict that –  of laying down a stellar trip. Will that ever happen? Who knows.

Post with a catalogue of what I’ve had to say on the subject over the years [Nationals I Have Known, List of Links].

Yup, still makes me smile.
[Update From My Phone]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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