Saddle Seat Wednesday
December 6, 2016

December 6, 2016

Another competitor in Adult Academy used the hashtag #howmanydaystillnationals. I thinks to myself, I can answer that. So, when I updated the AEC counter ([AEC], link in the upper right corner), I added a Nationals countdown. Since that came out in months & weeks, gave me the exact answer. As of yesterday, 324 daystillnationals. I remain adamantly ambivalent about the show itself.

My competitive side: Horse show! Horse show!
The sane part of me: No! No! No!

Competitive, adopting a wheedling tone: If I work reeeeeally hard at my equitation all year …
Sane: I can ride with no stirrups from now till October. I still won’t have the temperament for equitation.

Competitive, stomping feet: I want that Sunday blue!
Sane: It’s about the process, not the ribbons. Happiness is not tied to results.

Competitive: It’ll be good experience.
Sane: It’s been four years of good experience. Enough is enough.

Competitive: I got something else to do the last weekend in October?
Sane: —

Competitive: Horse show! Horse show!
Sane: I’m never going to be reasonable on this subject am I?

Competitive: HORSE SHOW!

In reality, until such time as I ride in a suit class, Nationals will remain an option. We’ve seen how good I am at resisting the siren song of the show ring [To Show or Not To Show].

At least I got a blog post out of it.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Of course, you are right about challenges. However,

    In general, Academy is all about equitation. I’d rather focus on the horse.

    In specific, I’ve been a bridesmaid at this show for four years. Yes, I’m pleased to have gotten that far. But I seem to be stuck (there’s that word again) at the same spot, over and over. Nothing I do leads to improvement. Do I continue to plug away or do I admit that being the perfect equitation diva may not be my gig, see above. When does admirable effort cross over into pointless perseverance?

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