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While I don’t ever see Rodney hooked to a cart, he’s working in driving tack at the moment. I’ve discussed the harness saddle [Meanwhile]. The driving bit is on loan from Coach Kate. The center is constructed so that the bit flexes up, down, and forward, but not back, making it a cross between a French link and a straight bar. As soon as I saw the bit, I knew Rodney would like the combination of movement and gentleness.

As we proceed in the various disciples, it will be interesting to see how they might benefit from each other. For example, everyone ought to have an Academy division, a place for reliable schoolies to compete free from smooth-moving Thoroughbred hunters (if any of those remain) or powerful Warmblood dressage horses.

The important question here, How long can one “borrow” an item before offering to pay for it or having to buy one’s own?

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  1. These unique mouthpieces are now sold/marketed mostly in the EU by Herm Sprenger. (Previously made/sold by Horse & More) They call them “MAX-Control” which seems off to me, as the mullen-like effect of the hinges “locking” before completely collapsing like a traditional French-link ought to be softer effect…

    You can buy the MAX-control mouthpiece on all sorts of ring and shank configurations, more riding than driving. I’m not sure why US tack shops haven’t picked them up. EBay seller here has imported a good selection of riding ones:

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