It’s Gramming Cats & Dogs, Instagram Recap October 2019

Random Images

Posts through the beginning of October 2019 from my blog Instagram account, @myvirtualbrushbox. Previous [Synecdoches and Soft Kitties, Instagram Recap August 2019].

Posts By Subject I
Cat pix – seven
Dog pix – two

Posts By Subject II
My cats & dog – three
Stepping Stone Farm cats & dogs – five photos of three cats & one dogs (Ricky was the double, plus a appearance in the background of a third *cough*attention hound*cough*)
Inanda Stables – one

Posts By Location
Home – two
SSF – five
Other – two

Most Liked
1st – tie, Lucy on picnic table & tabby butt
2nd – tie, Ricky by tree & cat shelf

Process Notes
After I posted 2 or 3 cat pictures, I decided to try for an entire segment of cat pictures, because clearly the Internet needs more of those. Dash cuted his way into the series with his shopping cart style. I rounded it out with Nicky & her squeaker to bring the count to nine and be done.

It was fun. OTOH, I have a tendency to create projects when the blog itself more than enough project all by itself. I may try again in a few months. Maybe a Through The Ears series.

Individual Instagrams

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