Looking Back, Milton & Moonlight, Instagram Recap, April 2019

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Posts through mid-April 2019 from my Instagram account, @myvirtualbrushbox. Previous [Rain, Pool Noodles, and a Monty Python Quote, Instagram February 2019].

Nine Posts
Horses – 4, three Milton, one Parker ASB
Horse-related – 2, Banquet [Lootapalooza] & course walk [Ther Jumps In Them Thar Hills]
Cattens – 2, too big to be kittens; not big enough to be cats [The Rise of the Cattens]
Miscellaneous – 1, moon. I know it’s an exercise in frustration to take pictures of the full moon. It never looks as astounding as it does IRL. I had to try.

SSF – 2, one each driving & riding
Home – 2, two cattens, two pasture
Almost home – 1, road in front of our house
Traveling – 2, Noccalula Falls AL [Loot], Chattahoochee Hills Eventing GA [Jumps]

Process Notes
Still not sure where Instagram fits in my social media strategy. Not sure I have a social media strategy. Not sure where Instagram fits into the blog. Last time I reposted on Miscellaneous Sunday. Now I’m back to Foto Friday. I do know I will keep reposting. Must. Gather. Horde. Into. One. Pile.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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