Ther Jumps In Them Thar Hills, Scouting Trip to Chatt Hills

Standing water in the ring. Squelchy, slippy mud on the paths. Nothing to do but let them bask in the sun while we drive over to Georgia to watch a horse show, Winter Fest by Elite Show Jumping. It seems that both hunter/jumpers and eventers in my area hold competitions at Chattahoochee Hills Eventing, this includes an adorable, low (really low) level event series that would be perfect for a certain gray OTTB: tests can be called, jackets are not required, limited coaching is allowed, schooling is offered, eliminated riders can show in the next phase if there is no safety issue, and so on. SESSC is a super beginner-friendly competition. (Rules here.

Jumper Ring
Cross-Country Course
Generic Ribbons

Squad Goal

The Amoeba/Tadpole XC jumps looked simultaneously tiny and impossible huge. Milton could walk over at least one. The rest did not come as far up as my knees. Well-made. Inviting. Every adjective you could want for a starter course. And yet, all I could see was the abyss between where I was and where I wanted to be. Going to horse shows for motivation can be a tricksy proposition. It can backfire so easily.

It’s hard to fight the defeatist voices in my head when they have history on their side. My record for buying horses who can event is not good. I’ve written before about a scouting trip to CHE [Repost, BTE 3 of 9: The AEC, a Realization in Five Phases]. “Since my publicly stated goal is to win the Training AEC, I went over to Georgia to scope out my future.” That was nine years ago. Nine? Really? Moving on.

On a different note, the ribbons were completely average. While I would absolutely give wall space to siblings of these dears, they could use a touch of saddle seat flair.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the horses totally enjoyed their play day. Roll in the mud. Bake in the sun. Roll. Bake. Where is our dinner minion?

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Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Ther Jumps In Them Thar Hills, Scouting Trip to Chatt Hills

  1. 1) that bank tho, ugh. why am i so scared of banks?!?

    2) omg yas you should definitely do the tadpole event!!

  2. I agree – you should totally go for the tadpole event – even if you trotted Milton all the way through it would be fun and you would get through it and it would be a great learning experience for him and I know you could do it – I have faith!!!!

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